Mary Beth Fuchs: Part 2

In this 2nd part of our conversation with Mary Beth (listen to part 1), we continue the topic of integrative health and ways we can optimize our body’s natural systems. We also work at convincing her to start a blog AND a podcast, and finally, Mary Beth asks us how we got started with “How I See It”.

As this is a continuation of last week, forgive us again for the audio not being up to our usual standards.


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Show Notes:

  • Listen to Part 1
  • Dr. Mark Hyman’s site
  • Resources from Mary Beth:
    • Something to think about
    • Baby steps to health (PDF)
    • Favorite books on Health:
      • Terry Wahls MD: The Wahls Protocol: is a beautiful, easy-to-read book on healing from autoimmune disease and helping anyone reach a more vibrant state of health. Terry was in a zero-gravity wheelchair due to MS and, out of desperation, learned how to heal herself with food and a few supplements. She now again practices medicine, lectures, holds group sessions, teaches others how to heal, and rides a bike, no wheelchair.
      • Mark Hyman MD: 10-Day Detox Diet: A simple, step-by-step plan on what to eat, what to avoid, and how to feel better to beat disease.
      • Tom Brady: The TB12 Method: So why have I included a book about a football player? It’s hard to brush aside the facts: he’s 44, injury-free, and still playing football. His book spells out a lot of key points on how he’s accomplishing this, and most of them are simple practices we can all incorporate.
  • Mentioned in episode:

Something to think about:

With vibrant health, we’re able to mentor, share more fully with our loved ones, give more, and show up in life the way God designed us to.
There are Physicians who’ve been taught to look at the root cause of illness. You can search for one on or make an appointment at Robinhood Integrative Health in Winston-Salem (they accept health insurance) or Carolina Total Wellness in Raleigh (they do not accept health insurance). There are more; these are offices I’m familiar with.
You could consider the Ultra Wellness Center in Lenox, MA. You will need to make one visit in person, and then they will work with your physician for labs and follow-up care.

You do have choices, pray about it and ask for help. Keep searching. The answers are out there.

— Mary Beth Fuchs