Year in Review! 🎙️🎉

Welcome to How I See It’s “Year in Review”! In this special episode, we reflect on our first year of podcasting, celebrating the amazing guests we’ve had the honor of interviewing, and take turns sharing some of our “favorite” episodes, including the insights we’ve gained from these conversations.

We hope you’ll join us in this celebration of our journey!

Show Notes

Trivia Challenge

These are the answers to the trivia challenge mentioned.

Most plays in a day: Oct 25, 2022 – 83 total plays including Conflict Part 2, Early Education Part 1, and Gratitude
All-time Plays: 3,703
Average plays per episode: 40
Audience size in Last 7 days: 61
Number of Guests: 8
Number of Guest Episodes: 14 (because of 2-part episodes)
Podcast Services

  • Apple Podcasts 72.3%
  • Other 14.7%
  • Spotify 5.9%
  • Web Browser 4.5%
  • Anchor 2.5%


  1. Like I say
  2. Fair enough
  3. What do you say Mrs. P?
  4. I hear ya!
  5. No concerns!
  6. You betcha!
  7. Thankful for the opportunity


Here are a few of the favorite episodes mentioned in the episode.

Audience favorites:

Justin & Mark: